Yazeed Al Oyoun
Abstract Thoughts of an Organized Mind
A self-initiated and certified Product Manager with 7+ years of experience in building web & mobile products, 14+ years of technical & web development, and 20+ years of online presence. I pride myself in having great interpersonal & people skills, and I enjoy building amazing products for the world to use, specially among other fellow innovative, disruptive, and entrepreneurial mindsets. I'm consistently focused on achieving maximum growth and value, for both the product and team involved, leading to success for the user, product, team, and investors.

I'm well perceived by my employers as a versatile key player, specially across development teams, for having the ability to speak different functional languages or to wear different hats, technical, user experience, marketing, management and business. This has made it easy for me to work and communicate with people among various functions, enhancing collaboration and availability of insight needed for proper decision-making, leading to hands-on product requirements & strategic tactical activities.

• Quad Competence: Management / Technical / User Experience / Marketing

• Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I)
• Product Vision & Roadmap Execution
• Growth Hacker. Growth Focused. SaaS. E-Commerce.
• Pirate Metrics (AARRR: Acquire, Activate, Retention, Referral, Revenue)
• Data-driven Decision Making. Web Data Analysis. KPIs. Action-able Insights
• Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM/SMM). Online Advertising (CPC/CPM/CPD/CPL/RTB/RTS). Audience Segmentation & Targeting
• Performance, Content & E-mail Marketing. Lead Generation & CRM
• Rapid Application Development (Scrum, Extreme & Agile). Quality Assurance. Product & Development Life Cycles
• Technical & Creative Background. Effective UI/UX. Coding Standards Aware. Scalability.
• Built using Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, HDFS, NoSQL, NodeJS, WebSocket, Perl, PHP, JS, MVCs, APIs
• Fluent English & Native Arabic
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